We offer many ways to discover Fort Pierce. You can visit the US NAVY Seal Museum, walk down a local market, visit one of the only 2 Floridian Brewery; or go for a horseback ride on the beach!

Navy Seal Museum

Fort Pierce and Hutchinson Island

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Discover the town of Fort Pierce and its Historic City Center. Then visit the US Navy Seal Museum and finish with a walk at the Jetty Park in Hutchinson Island.

Découvrez la Ville de Fort Pierce et son Centre Historique. Puis visitez le Musee des Navy Seals ou sont retracées toutes leurs operations.  Enfin nous nous baladerons au Parc de La Jetée a Hutchinson Island au bord de l’Ocean.  

From $119

Horse Back Riding

Horseback Riding on the Beach

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Take a ride down the stunning scenic beach of St. Lucie County and experience a slow-paced, gentle ride down the sandy shores.

Faites une balade à cheval sur la magnifique plage de St Lucie!

From $155